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Business Development & Studies

AGS "Profit Finder" Financial Analysis  — Prepare for recession, inflation, and uncertainty. Learn your true costs of production. Understand your true product margins and how you can make key changes to increase profits and withstand anything that comes your way. 

Feasibility Studies — Are you looking to apply for a grant from your state or a federal agency like the USDA? If so, a feasibility study can be a critical asset that is often required. Our team of in-house and contract experts will craft a study that exactly meets any bank or government grant agency requirements and provides valuable insights about your profitability, market potential, and competition. We believe that feasibility studies should not just be a "check box" template report. We deliver a work product that is actually useful to you as a business owner, even if you don't use the study to apply for any financial incentive programs. 

  • Quick turnaround on studies helps us get you a report in weeks, not months 

  • Cost-effective and valuable 

  • Meet the standards of USDA, your bank, state agency, etc. 

  • Actionable insights and insightful market data sourced from the best databases  

General Consulting to Help with Technology and Business Decisions — Perhaps you are trying to use a new customer database tool or switch your financial data from one service to another. Or you are working through how to accept online orders, switch suppliers, evaluate a business partnership idea, etc. Our knowledgeable, talented team of professionals can help you on a project or hourly basis to make your operation run smoother and become more profitable. 

Business Development: Welcome
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