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Grant Writing and Support

Identify opportunities to secure free capital — Stop missing chances to apply for free grants or low-interest forgivable loans that can help you secure your future and grow your business. In 2022, there will be nearly $1 billion available for meat processors. Are you prepared to take advantage of this opportunity?

Experienced, professional help — Ensure your submission for funds is exactly what reviewers are looking for when issuing awards. One small error due to a rush or uncertainty could sink your entire application, and verbiage is always key in submitting a competitive application. Our team has experience writing, reviewing, and administering over $5 million in Federal grants, including CARES Act and American Rescue Plan programs.


The leading grant writing firm in the US for meat processors — With grant winners nationwide, Agriculture Grant Solutions is the only team dedicated to helping meat processors and agriculture businesses submit professional applications. 

End-to-End Support Guarantee — Stay focused on your daily responsibilities while we handle all of the communication with the grant agency. If your application hits a snag or needs supporting documentation, we’ll work with you so you receive no-stress, comprehensive assistance with minimal effort.

Grants to overcome workforce challenges — Small processors’ most-cited challenge is a lack of quality workforce availability. We’ll work with you to secure funds for apprenticeship program development and other initiatives that will help you boost your workforce. 

Complexity, simplified — Our team has reviewed and administered hundreds of state and federal grants, many of which can be complex and burdensome on a business owner. We’ll ensure the process is streamlined and low stress from day one until funds hit your account.


Immediate and lasting value — Apply for funds that will allow you to invest in long-term assets like new equipment, new buildings, and other expansion assets that will be around for years. Recommit to your business and strategic growth plan.

Grant Writing and Support: Welcome

"We enjoyed working with Agriculture Grant Solutions on our grant application.  We found them to be efficient and effective at compiling what we discussed during our phone calls into a professional grant application."

Arrow Farm Meats LLC

Rock City, IL

Grant Writing and Support: Quote
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