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Executive Coaching

Running a small business is complex and we recognize that every business “does the same thing differently” ­­­— similar processes but with unique needs and challenges. With our Executive Coaching program, we work with you to navigate these unique needs and challenges and explore ways to get your business on a path of growth and profitability. Strengthening your business so that you can enjoy life, build a legacy establishment, and make a positive impact in the food and agriculture community.


Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Taking a break from your business for even a day or two to take a family vacation, care for a loved one, or take on a side project at home?

  • Getting your plant managers and staff leaders to make decisions when you’re not present?

  • Keeping your profit margins the same or larger as material, equipment, and labor costs go up?

  • Retaining workers for longer than a few months?

  • Helping new managers or employees “learn the ropes”?


Our Executive Coaching Program is designed to solve these problems by...

  • Increasing profitability

  • Decreasing your stress levels and let you take some vacation days or time away

  • Retaining workers

  • Reducing costs, cut waste, and operate at maximum efficiency

  • Helping new lockers get off to a rocket start

  • Reigniting growth in heritage and legacy lockers


Our signature program gives you the tools to succeed for years to come...

  • On-site consulting from one of our industry experts across the country

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of your current areas for improvement

  • Strategic plan to fix problem areas and capitalize on new opportunities

  • Customized training, management, and operational plan development help

  • Growth planning and business development leads

  • Follow-up assistance and continuous improvement support

  • Custom documents, guides, and reference manuals for you and your staff

How to get started...

  1. Please request a consultation below.

  2. We’ll send you a packet with additional information, a working agreement, and schedule a date that works best for you to conduct our on-site management review!

  3. You’ll conclude the Executive Coaching Program with concrete skills, documents, guides, and references to improve your business’ profitability, equip your managers with skills and best practices, and decrease your stress levels.

Executive Coaching: Welcome
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