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New grant opportunities are open. Are you ready to secure funds with a professional application? 


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applications for meat & ag businesses of all sizes


Now serving clients in 40+ states around the U.S.

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The nation's leading grant writing & incentives firm
for meat processors and agriculture leaders

Find new agriculture grants for your business. 

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With our industry-leading resources and expertise, we help food & ag businesses all over the US drive growth and profitability.

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Grant Writing and Support

Secure grants or low-interest forgivable loans with expert guidance.

Feasibility Studies

Gain actionable insights and meet requirements for grant and loan programs.

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USDA Value Added Producer Grant

We have a strong track record of success with producers and ag leaders nationwide. 

State Programs

Earn grants and incentives from your state government to grow your business, train workers, and prepare for a recession.

Feasibility Studies and Business Mentorship

Gain actionable insights and meet grant criteria. Our expert team will deliver a timely, cost-effective set of recommendations and conclusions to act on.

Tax Credits 

Save on your tax bill with credits that can act as grants for training, expansion, etc. 

USDA Meat Processors Expansion Round 2

New construction, expansion, and equipment opportunities for meat processors.

Training Grants

Get grant funds to equip your employees with new skills.

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"Above and beyond expectations."

Dayton Meat Products 
Malcom, IA
$200,000 USDA MPIRG grantee

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