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Feasibility Studies

Often, a grant proposal requires an independent, third-party analysis of the project. Feasibility studies can have varying criteria depending on their use case. Agencies like the United States Department of Agriculture have specific information and subject areas that need to be addressed for the study to be deemed suitable. 


Agriculture Grant Solutions can help you facilitate a feasibility study alongside one of our trusted partner firms to streamline the project process and develop your grant application using the study's findings. 

Benefits of a Feasibility Study

  • Understand the scope and implications of your growth 

  • In-depth pro forma financial analysis 

  • Competitor SWOT analysis and industry insights 

  • Data insights from GIS software tools and industry databases 

  • A concise, useful tool with multiple applications, including grant applications, loan programs, investor meetings, distributor relationship building, etc. 

Why Conduct a Feasibility Study?

  • Often required for key grants from USDA, EPA, and state-level agencies 

  • Third-party project analysis, lending credibility to any grant, investment, or incentive proposals 

  • Grow with a plan — professionally developed pro forma financials and SWOT analysis 

Grant Writing and Support: Welcome

"We enjoyed working with Agriculture Grant Solutions on our grant application.  We found them to be efficient and effective at compiling what we discussed during our phone calls into a professional grant application."

Arrow Farm Meats LLC

Rock City, IL

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